Introduction to Beauty

Introduction to Beauty
Photo by Chelsea shapouri on Unsplash

May 28, 2020

It’s been years of reading books and listening to doctors, years of trying products until I figured out what was good for my skin. Would I promote a product I don’t use or I don’t believe in? No. I hope by now many readers know that not all influencers out there can be trusted. I don’t mind an influencer earning money from promoting products, keeping a blog up to date takes time and effort but I wish they were more selective and chose the best products. If you are looking for an answer you will find it, even if you need to remove some pebbles (false information) along the way.

I have a respect for doctors. Mainly because half of the people in my family are doctors or working in related fields and the other half teachers.

The more a product is recommended by doctors and has proven scientific research behind it, the more I will trust it. The internet is full of information, and sometimes figuring out what is good for us can be a challenge.

In the weeks to follow I will try to simplify this subject for you by writing more about what I’ve found during the years, researches from all over the world, that will bring you clarity and safety in choosing the clean and strong products you need to look and feel great. You’ll learn about autophagy, how nutrition can make your cells look younger, why the citrus bergamot fruit will become your best friend. All the names that were hard to pronounce like Polyphenols, Sphingolipids, Sulforaphanes, Resveratrol, Ceramides will have a different meaning now. You will know to choose supplements that are high quality and safe and how to read the ingredients of a product you want to buy. Exercising, yummy healthy recipes, sleeping well, and having a routine of masks and scrubs will be at reach.

It’s time for you to glow!

With love,